Thursday, August 1, 2013


'Serenade' is an exhibition that taps into the history of chimes as tools for healing, meditation and communication. In this sound-based exhibition artists and musicians have been invited to re-think and re-structure these ancient instruments to extend their tonal and symbolic range, pushing beyond traditional scales, forms and materials. Serenade is intended both to seduce and to console anyone within earshot of Terrain Exhibitions. 

Tempestt Hazel is a curator, writer and co-founder of Sixty Inches From Center, an organization that archives, promotes and collaborates with artists and arts projects across Chicago. In addition to the upcoming exhibition at Terrain Exhibitions, her upcoming projects can be seen at the Arts Incubator in Washington Park, The Salon Series Projects and the South Side Community Art Center.

Featuring: Jeff Austin, Rob Frye, Ramah Jihan Malebranche, Michael and Yhelena Hall and Stephen Lieto