Monday, April 8, 2013


Houston, TX to New Orleans, LA

We woke up the morning after our show in Houston, and said goodbye to Anne Sofie Kluge Hedegaard. We still had over 400 miles of pedaling to reach New Orleans, much of it along the coast.

Crossing into Galveston, TX via I-45 bridge on bikes is allowed.

There is a free ferry ride from Galveston to Bolivar Peninsula, operating 24/7.

There are plenty of great camping spots along the Gulf Coast. A close nighttime observer at the coast can see waves glowing electric blue on clear nights at the beach.

We headed East along the coast, opting to ride about 20 miles on the beach through McFaddin National Wildlife Refuge, where an old highway has been abandoned. 

As we continued East, we enjoyed the expanses of, RockefellerMandalay, and Bayou Teche Widlife Refuges,

with beautiful cypress swamps

and moss hanging from humongous oak trees.

We arrived in New Orleans via the levee along River Road. 

Another free ferry ride, this one from Gretna, LA into downtown New Orleans.

We held an interactive concert at RUBARB in New Orleans.

To finish off the tour, we played Saturn Bar in New Orleans, along with Travis Bird and Rotten Milk.

Saturday, April 6, 2013


We took our bikes on the Texas Eagle from St. Louis to Austin where we rendezvoused with two crucial members of the tour, Sarah Kent from San Francisco, and Adam Wille from Kings Beach, CA.

There are plenty of things to do in Austin, like riding bikes to Barton Springs, enjoying wisteria blossoms on the Colorado River, or climbing one of the many moon towers.

Flux Bikes joined the cacophony of South By Southwest, using our solar powered set-up around town, at the Green House, and at Wardenclyffe Gallery. 

We were lucky to catch the Decentralized 
Dance Party and pump their pirate radio dance jams through the Flux setup.

Leaving Austin, our crew of five followed the bike map through Moore's Crossing, and went across a haunted train bridge.

Texas is a great place for bike tour. We were just in time to see the blooming lupine and many wildflowers.  And there are signs everywhere that say "Drive Friendly - The Texas Way." 

Flux Bikes performed the last night of SXSW Overflow Festival at Supper Happy Fun Land after relaxing at Buffalo Bayou, Houston, TX.

Thursday, April 4, 2013


JayVe Montgomery and Rob Frye live on WZRD 88.3 FM