Saturday, April 2, 2011


"Hosted by the Reno Bike Project, the annual "We HeArt Bikes Fundraising Art Show" is a one-night show celebrating the bicycle as not only an amazing form of transportation, recreation, and exercise, but also a platform for artistic expression.  The show has been held at local venues such as GraySpace Gallery, Never Ender Gallery, and Studio on 4th, [the Hobson Gallery], is sponsored by New Belgium Brewing, and includes live music.  Every year we enjoy the artistic stylings of 30 – 50 participating local and national artists and roughly 300 attendees.  It is one heck of a party."

Flux Bikes decided not to miss this party.  We're fans of hands-on noise making, so we brought an instrument for everyone to play.  We even sold some CD's and the proceeds went to RBP, as did all sales from the evening!

After the show we were most grateful to the Bindlestiffs for letting us camp in their backyard.  The next morning we helped cook a huge brunch as the results of the ScalleyCat race were decided.  Then, we saddled up and started pedaling back up the Sierras to Lake Tahoe.