Sunday, March 10, 2013


We built a solar powered sound system and took it on Flux Bikes tour in Missouri and along the Gulf Coast.

The first part of the trip began in late February, following the Missouri River on the Katy Trail, from St. Louis to Columbia, MO.

Jake McDaniel joined for the first leg of the journey. Click here for information on abandoned railways.

True/False  is an extended festival weekend with over 50 feature films and shorts, more than a dozen concerts, and art installations all over town in Columbia, MO. 

We had various performances and enjoyed meeting other flâneurs.

Photo courtesy Erica Foster

Rob jumped in on flute with La Operacion Jarocha and others at the closing event.

After returning to St. Louis, we played at Chromozone with Dave StoneWhat We Won't See, and Black James.Then we took our bikes on the train and fast forwarded to 'Springtime' in Austin, TX.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


-photo by Ellen frye-
-plants by Steve Frye-

These are our custom built, lightweight speaker cabs that we brought along with us on Flux Bikes tour.  Weighing about 23 lbs each, and complete with real bbq grills, they are powered by a small amp housed in a cigar box, and sealed and a 12v deep-cycle battery that we charge with a 30w solar panel.  (Also pictured is a Crate Taxi amp that we used for hi-end at the show in St. Louis, but that didnt come on the MO GULF tour).