Tuesday, February 2, 2016


poster by Ben Chlapek

from the Hideout:

Rob Frye is known as an multi-instrumentalist for Chicago groups such as CAVE and Bitchin’ Bajas. He has been a constant presence in Chicago’s underground scene, specifically with improvisational ensembles. The collective El is the Sound of Joy was a constant figure in the noise underground, and eventually gained some notoriety in jazz circles. A constant collaborator, Rob is able to give a unique voice in a variety of different kinds of ensembles, playing with poly-rhythms and sounds in his bicycle-based project Flux Bikes, experimenting with improvisational devices in Exoplanet, or exploring textures in Bitchin’ Bajas, Frye stands out, and we’re honored to have him this month. He’s joined by a cast of talented friends including Dan Bitney (Tortoise), Ben Lamar Gay (AACM), and many more. See a full list of the events so you don’t miss a night.
2/2 Flux Bikes* with Dan Bitney and visuals by Kyle Drouin -- Waddupp Sonn DJ party
2/9 Sueñolas* -- Exoplanet -- visuals by Katharina Ritter and USA Studio DJs
2/16 El is a Sound of Joy -- visuals by Ben Kolak -- DJ Funky Bitch
2/23 Bitchin' Bajas -- Jah Jah Cale -- visuals by brownshoesonly -- DJ Winston Lasker

photo from Ben Chlapek