Wednesday, September 7, 2011


Notes from the road...

The Bike Oven in Highland Park, Los Angeles hosted FLUX BIKE'S first show of tour.  Rob played some solo bicycle and flute music, using some wheels from the Bike Oven's collection.  Chicken Leather played some home-bike movies and selections from the Bicycle Film Festival, and Veronica made potato tacos for everyone.  Besides being a great bike shop where all are welcome to come work on bikes and eat some food, this organization hosts monthly music and art events - check 'em out!

On Labor Day (Sept. 5th), Marty and I started the journey, riding up Highway 1 through Malibu. Lots of surfers and other folks were out enjoying the sunshine on the long weekend.  We stopped in Ventura night to stay with our friend Scott. Then, after healing our bikes at the Ventura Bike Depot, we hustled up to State St. in Santa Barbara to play at the bustling Farmer's Market.

After meeting many friendly folks and getting some veggies from some nice farmers, we left town and took refuge near Refugio State Beach upon a recommendation by new homie Chi Pagaling.  We got some rest and got going early; some serious riding lies ahead!  After Gaviota State Park, the road takes a turn inland, going around Hollister Ranch and Vandenberg Air Force Base at Conception Point.  Stay tuned for more news from the road!